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David Giltinan Voiceover Artist

I have had a lifelong love and appreciation for voiceover ever since watching behind-the-scenes footage of actors performing for shows such as The Simpsons and Batman: The Animated Series. After taking several classes (purely for fun) the past 15 years, I decided to pursue the world of VO seriously in the summer of 2020, starting with a 28-chapter audiobook. Since then, I have completed a variety of jobs utilizing my performance and audio editing skills, such as video game characters, YouTube narrations, and even a Christmas jingle. 🗣️🎙️

If you are looking for a skilled professional for your next project, I have the voice with tinder you want to swipe right to. Please feel free to reach out with any details, and I will be happy to help while working within your budget. Cheers! 👾

Cheers! Expect to hear back from me soon.

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